Paycheck to Paycheck

Tears trickled down Alicia’s cheeks as she recalled days that she went without food in order to pay her bills. Gently rubbing her eyes, she kept an unbroken smile, and told the story of a “bubbly” girl raised by hardworking Mexican and Tonga Island immigrants who instilled a fervent value in education. Though Alicia is more than $22,000 in credit card debt, she’s confident that she’ll earn her master’s degree, become an established attorney and send her best friend on the vacation of her dreams.

Prodigy vows to offer affordable, 3D-printed prosthetics

It wouldn’t be the first time Easton LaChappelle’s father extinguished a small inferno in his son’s bedroom. LaChappelle liked to play with fire — the teenage inventor built a gasoline motor for his bike and numerous rockets before designing his first prosthetic hand using LEGOs, fishing wire and electrical tubing. Later he created a 3D-printed robotic arm capable of operating in conjunction with a user’s mind.